About Us

We are a small team of film makers based in Bristol, UK. We’re on a journey to explore the exciting new world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.


Central to our mission at Beyond Bitcoin is to explore cryptocurrencies from a neutral perspective, to bring them out from the shadow economy and illustrate what the real-world uses of them are. The public discussion surrounding crypto’s is steeped in misinformation, leaving many people confused and fearful about them. We want to show our viewers that far from being insecure or unsafe, cryptocurrencies provide a trustless, decentralised method of paying for goods and services that eliminates many of the problems with traditional payment methods.

We want everybody who watches Beyond Bitcoin to leave with a better understanding about the Blockchain, alternative digital currencies and tokens on the market today and what functions they offer. In the feature we will cover: the origins of the financial system, Blockchain (distributed consensus and digital signatures), the White Paper and Bitcoin, the problems with Bitcoin, alternative coins and their features, ICOs, and the other applications of Blockchain technology in the Fintech sector.